Photo A - New Roofing

New Roofing

We are among the widest range supplier of clay roof tiles. Other roofing materials like timber shingles, natural thatch roof ( Alang- Alang) or Synthetic Thatch and different type of metal roofing materials for metal or timber structures are also within our scope.

Photo B - Re -roofing


Specialize in express re-roofing system for all different type of re-roofing works. Our highly skilled and experience craftsmen can able to carry the design from concept to reality.


Design & Build
(Timber & Steel Roofing System)

We specialize design and build of various type of timber and steel roofing system to cater the demands of residential , commercial or industrial structures using our affordable product and efficient service.

Photo C - External timber works

ExternalTimber Works

We give solutions to projects that needs timber landscape features such as trellis, fencing, pavilions, wall facade, decking, shelters, railing, walkways and bridges.


Water Proofing

For all your waterproofing and building protection needs, we have available wide range of products and services for waterproofing and long term protection of concrete & masonry.