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Imerys is a France-based company that is principally engaged in the extraction and processing of minerals. Known as world leader in mineral specialities for industry. Through Imerys Roof Tiles, Imerys has, at its disposal, a know-how that is specific to the transformation of minerals such as red clay, which allows it to offer clay tiles and other finished products, which are destined for the building sector. Robust, energy efficient and attractive, these materials are used all over the world in the construction of individual houses, either in new build or restoration work.

GCI Clay roof tile is a Malaysia product. With the abundance of quality clay materials within Asia, GCI uses state-of-the-art Franco-German machinery along with the patented computerised Hydrocasting Tunnel Kiln Firing System, which adopts the horizontal titles firing in individual refractory H-supports. GCI has definitely set new standards in roof titles applications that emphasize quality and beauty. With an estimated production capacity of 22 million tiles per annum produced on an automated process and stringent ISO & international standards. GCI is poised to meet the market demand with a competitive edge.

Kinki Ceremics has developed outstanding technologies for seismic and wind resistance. These technologies were condensed to create seismic resistance that withstand poerful earthquakes and high winds. Kinki Yogyo Co., Ltd., was established April 1961 with capital stock of 15.5 million yen at 1728 Tsui, Seidan-cho, Mihara-gun(Minami-Awaji City), Hyogo Prefecture(currently Seidan Daiichi Factory).

Ceramic roof tile is one of the earliest building materials to be manufactured by man and is still one of the most efficient solutions for covering roofs and façades, by its recognized merit in terms of durability, high strength, and an end of life useful and easy to solve and environmentally non-agressive. With a leading position in the manufacture of clay roof tiles and fittings for roof covering and façades, CS has an annual production capacity of 57 million units and is the market leader in Portugal. It is also a strong international reference, being present in over 30 countries.

Tejas Borja is the widest range of ceramic roof tiles on the market offers top quality roof tiles with finishes that revive classic aesthetics while keeping up with and innovating today’s state-of-the-art trends. Experts in interlocking roof tiles, flat roof tiles and curved roof tiles used for both, rehabilitation and new construction roofing. A brand with more than 110 years of experience.

Ceipo Ceramiche has been in business for over 40 years, specialized in the production of roof tiles and varnished sunbreaks. They produce varnished single cooked roof tiles in 220 colors, which are available in both single colored forms or in what we call “smoked” versions, where one color is mixed with another. Furthermore, our company is able to offer various types of varnish on request and tailor made for the client.